Juanita Bynum and Sheryl Underwood Go at It!

December 8, 2007 at 10:27 am (Juanita Bynum, Juanita Bynum and Sheryl Underwood Go at It, Sheryl Underwood)

Juanita Bynum and Sheryl Underwood Go at It!


  1. norma said,

    First off if you saw the show you would no this was a lie. Sheryl Underwood was not even trying to go at it with Juanita Bynum. Sheryl made a statement and did not like the come back from Juanita thanking Juanita had said something she did not say, and Juanita let her knew that was not what was said from her mouth. Sheryl is just a big mouth woman. She is a comic and was trying to be hard and at the sametime get a joke going but nobody though it was funny. A matter of fact the guest was on Juanita side anyway. Sheryl Underwood does not no enough to try and out talk Juanita Bynum.
    Dr. Bynum did not get where she is by being a slight. Juanita is a very smart woman. All those people who are doubting her spirt as a true christian woman better be careful when judging.

  2. Superchica said,

    This venue was not the proper venue for Juanita.She was out numbered by people who appeared to want to call her on the carpet,so to speak.The show was not equally balanced.Perhapse there should have been an equal number of guest who believed in Juanita as there were that did not care for her.It was not fair to have so many trying to belittle Juanita.This show should not have been aired.

  3. Patrice said,

    This was a very good show! I think it reached the young crowd on a spiritual and comedy level. Juanita is no saint and she has never claimed to be. She is from the hood and she went through some ghetto stuff as well! Sheryll showed some ignorance and some intelligence. Sheryll showed ignorance by joking too much; she showed intelligence by standing her ground and keeping it real. Juanita kept it real as well. They both did a wonderful job. Juanita is a very powerful woman of God and Sheryll is a very funny comedian. Juanita handled herself very well in that group. Everybody has their own opinion and all those women voiced theirs nobody was against anybody. If everybody agreed on the same things then the world wouldn’t be the way it is.

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