Would You Wear This Dress to the Prom?

May 13, 2008 at 11:51 am (African American Blog, African American Websites, Black America, Black News, Hot Ghetto Mess) (, , )

Would You Wear This Dress to the Prom? A senior is escorted from her prom in handcuffs after arriving in a skimpy dress. Should she have been banned?


  1. DaDiva said,

    Absolutely not. I would not have worn anything of that nature. And, yes she should have been banned. The Principal of the school did the right thing. From my understanding of the incident, when the young lady was asked to leave with an explanation of why she could not enter the area where the Prom was being held because of her outfit, that she became irate and belligerent. No sane adult would tolerate that type of behavior from a child, and would feel obligated to take legal action if the child ignored all reasoning and continued to make a scene. If she continued her behavior when the police arrived, that would have been the choice of the officers involved. As for the school, they did the right thing. We are too much of an intelligent race of people to keep falling to our knees with whatever this crazy society brings our way. It’s time we stop choking on ignorance and get full on knowledge. And even though some people may have the mentality that we were born without clothing needs to realize that we live in a society that’s filled with perverts and the like, that if you walk around displaying too much skin, you’re setting yourself up for trouble as well as inviting disgraceful comrades with it. There should be no lawsuit. The young lady should apologize and change her way of thinking about how she should present herself in the public arena in the future and stop treating herself as if she is low class instead of a Queen.

  2. Jenaee Johnson said,

    there are prom dresses and there are dresses. this is definitely not a prom dress. Its a sexy revealing dress, but i really don’t think it an appropriate dress for the occasion. the school administration should do a better job of letting students know what is and what isn’t acceptable before prom to make sure everyone has a great time. I am sure the girl did not intend to miss out on prom, but I am also sure the school did not do its job of letting every one know the dress code. this is just sad case of student missing out on prom, and school officials getting away with poor management.

  3. Shawna said,

    Jenaee, kids are always going to try and push the boundaries. To hell with the school administration saying what is inappropriate….where are the PARENTS who should be telling those little girls what is appropriate or not? It should be obvious to anybody with half a brain that a dress like that is inappropriate for a school prom if they were raised with any sense of decency.

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