Here are the 25 Reasons Barack Obama Should Not Pick Hillary Clinton as a Running Mate!

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Here are the 25 Reasons Barack Obama Should Not Pick Hillary Clinton as a Running Mate!

1. The late Ron Brown!

2. The late Ron Brown!

3. The late Ron Brown!

4. The late Ron Brown!

5. The late Ron Brown!

6. Hillary Clinton would find it difficult to be in the background of any administration!

7. Bill Clinton would find it difficult to be in the background of any administration!

8. Chelsea is already gearing up for her campaign 16 years from now!

9. Hillary would bring all of the baggage from her family’s previous political experiences! There would be U. S. Attorneys looking at the entire administration!

10. Could Senator Obama ever really trust her? Would Hillary stretch the truth in her dealings with the new President?:

11. Would she want to be the #1 Woman so bad that she would sabotage the new President? Well you know the answer to that one don’t you?

12. She has consistently offended African Americans during this campaign!

13. She defined the working class as only whites! Do blacks work?

14. Her arrogance leaves her to believe that she is the only person that sets the metrics that the entire party should adhere to!

15. She won’t get out of a race that she can’t win! She can’t stand the thought of going down in history as the first to lose to a person of color. She could always say she demanded the VP Spot and Got It!

16. She Has Alienated Millions of Black Voters! I’d vote for a Skunk With a Stomach Ache, before I would vote for her!

17. Bill would still be out making Presidential Statements even though he would only be the second man! Can’t you just see fireside chats from The Vice President’s Mansion?

18. Many of the southern votes that she obtained were not Pro-Clinton Votes, but they were Anti-Obama votes, or Anti-Anybody Black Votes!

19. Did I mention the late Ron Brown?

20. She would become the first Vice President ever to schedule as many press conferences as the President did! She would feel free to say anything!

21. She would bring negativity to a campaign of Hope!

22. Senator Obama would look weak if he picks her! Remember she offered Senator Obama the #2 spot in her administration while she was losing the race! Was that not condescending?

23. Senator Obama’s wife would be the first First Lady to take a back seat to the Vice President!

24. There would be more stories on Chelsea Clinton’s doings than on Senator Obama’s lovely kids!

25. Could we trust any Democrat that would quote Karl Rove? What assistance could she bring to the ticket? She would get the credit for any victory that there may be, and Senator Obama would be blamed for any loss! We would have to hear Harold Ford consistently paying the VP compliments,while he shuns the President! Would she use the entire time she serves in an Obama Administration gearing up for her next Presidential Bid? Why did I mention the late Ron Brown? HMMMM……………….!


  1. axelrod said,

    I am a Barack Obama supporter and the thought of obama considering hillary for vp would make me angry…as many of his supporters. this is why iam sending this attachment…i thought it was pretty excitful…I’d like to add one more …taking the clinton gang back to the white house would be like having snakes on the plane. DON”T DO IT OR I WOULD HAVE TO SIT THIS ELECTION OUT.

  2. Summer said,

    The comment by axelrod was sent by me i made an error while reading an article on the obama staffers and accidently entered axelrod’s name and obama for america email…iam soorrryy!!!!!

  3. My Voice USA said,

    I am disappointed with the Hillary Clinton bashing being done by African American’s. LET’S PUT IT TO REST! How soon do we forget, (especially New Yorkers) that you voted her into the senate office back in 2001? How soon do we forget how we begged her to run for President way back in the day? How soon did we forget the cute little Clinton jokes…”Bill Clinton is the first black President, Hillary is my girl!” Oh how we loved the Clintons! Now a black man is running for president and we have done everything to destroy the Clinton’s name. All in the name of what? I know there is nothing named loyalty left in this world but come on people. I an avid Obama fan and yes he is my choice for president. I lived my entire life as a black woman waiting for this moment. The difference between me and most Black Americans is the fact that I am NOT afraid to admit that I am a fan of Obama because he is “black”! Does that mean I do not like Hillary? Does that give me the right to try to degrade her? Does that give me the right to twist every word that comes out her mouth into something negative? No it does not.

    Questions you should ask yourself.
    If Hillary was your sister, aunt, mother, cousin, BFF, would you expect her to drop out?
    If Obama was in Hillary’s shoes, would you expect him to drop out?
    If there was no Obama running would you still be bad mouthing Hillary?
    Open your eyes, your mind, and step outside of the box people. Stop being lead by the media. Your slave mentality is showing and it is destroying what little time we all have left here on this earth.

  4. takemeblack said,

    Yes to all of the scenarios above! Hillary’s actions are unacceptable period! You have the sheer audacity to mention blacks getting out of a slave mentality when your entire comment smells of the big house and master’s quarters! By the way Bill Clinton was not a Black President, he is a white politician that knows how to play the masses of black people like you!

  5. mulloverthis said,

    1-16,000,000: He needs these people to pull the lever for him. When given the choice between Hilary and Obama, these 16 mil + chose Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton.

    No need to contravene the other reasons why, nearly 17 million votes cast for Hilary Clinton versus the split hair difference more Obama had is substantial enough. Obama can be big and bad if he wants to. McCain will reap the benefit. The polls tell the story loud and clear.

  6. takemeblack said,

    She will not be the pick! Your all were not that excited over Hillary yourself, a vote for her was basically an Anti-Obama vote. She will not be the pick!

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