Senator Barack Obama Speaks Powerfully on Patriotism!

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Senator Barack Obama Speaks Powerfully on Patriotism!


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  2. Denise Michaels said,

    If you’re a Democrat you already know this election season is historic on many levels. What may not be clear to many Americans is that Hillary Clinton and her supporters have not gone away graciously or united the party even though Barack Obama clearly has more delegates and super delegates for the Democratic nomination when Clinton “suspended” her campaign June 3rd.

    It may surprise you to learn Clinton supporters have mounted a nasty fight – complete with lies and manufactured conspiracy theories to create havoc at the Democratic Convention which begins in Denver this Monday, August 25th. Clinton could’ve have told these supporters emphatically to get behind the candidacy of Obama – but she failed to do that – so great is her ambition to be President no matter what the American people say they want.

    After fighting and pushing – as of Friday 8-22, both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton will be placed in nomination in Denver and a roll call vote will take place on the convention floor. Some Clinton supporters don’t seem ready to deal with the fact that their candidate simply didn’t get enough votes. So they fought on – putting the election of a Democrat in the White House at serious risk.

    The Super Delagate vote at the convention and will choose who becomes the nominee of the Democatic Party. Super Delegates are mostly elected officials and party operatives obliged to consider the opinions of their constituents.

    If you don’t want the convention next week hijacked by the candidate who did not get the greatest number of votes and delegates tell them what you think and how to vote. They’re supposed to vote in accordance with their constituents – so be sure to tell the delegates in your state.

    Click on this link and let your Super Delegate hear from you. This spring’s primaries were hard-fought to bring Barack Obama so far. We actually have to chance to have a president who will make positive changes in the way politics are played.
    Here’s the link.

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