What’s Up With Black Women’s Hair?

March 6, 2009 at 10:52 am (African American Blog, African American Websites, Black America, Black In America, Black News, CNN, What's Up With Black Women's Hair) (, , , , )

CNN touches on the stereotypes and what black women go through with their hair.


  1. Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade said,

    Black women in amerikkka are beginning to wake up! Inspite of the majority who are still brainwashed and trying in vain to be imitation white girl the largest number of Black women in history are either braided,or dreaded or Afroed. I grew out of pressing my hair in my late teens and my mama didn’t like it but I proudly did it and for a few years was the only of 2 around my circle at Fisk University in the 60’s. Now I’m BACK TO AFRICA(YORUBALAND,NIGERIA) these past 30 years and the trend is to copy media Blackamerikkkan stars with this imitation white girl look but still natural styles exist side by side. GET BACK TO BLACK AND PROUD! GET BACK TO NATURAL BLACK HAIR LIKE GOD BLESSED US WITH!I have just posted on my blog BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!(yeyeolade.wordpress.com) MICHELLE OBAMA’S PROM PICTURE WITH HER AFRO! SISTERS LET’S COME ON BACK TO BLACK-LET’S COME BACK HOME TO NATURAL GOD GIVEN BEAUTY!

  2. justice1 said,

    Listen, I hate to sound like a Nativist but before I make my comment, I need to say something. Stop with the AmeriKKKA, crap. Yes, there are indeed issues in the united states. However, in most parts of Europe, Asia, black people have a ten mile glass ceiling 2 inches above their heads. Having said that, I love my country despite the issues because I am free!
    As far as the hair issues are concerned, I grew up in an all black community being a multiracial girl with a short fro’. I was ridiculed, laughed at and even spat on my other children because of my differences. When I I got older, I kept it straight and always in fashionable short styles. Recently, I have switched to totally natural hair as I am living in Italy and products for black women are limited. So one day, I looked around and noticed many of the Italians who had hair like mine, either sporting fro’s or dreadlocks. It was when I decided that if they could rock a fro’ so could I and i see the beauty in a massive bunch of kinky curls. Of course, I have it layered into a nice shape but I notice that while I am the only visible American woman with my fro, the African women are still confined to highly visible weaves and wigs. Sometimes you have to go against the grain and be an individual as opposed to molding yourself into an imitation.

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