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  1. Isumianka said,

    i think there should be a black online encyclopedia because wikipedia does not have any information about the black community.

  2. bria said,

    My blog is in its nfancy, but i’d be honored if you’d add my blog!


  3. gail said,

    Would you consider listing our site?

    The main site address:


    The site’s blog can be accessed from main address or at:


  4. Jesse said,

    Can I add my two sites to your blog. It’s very informational!

    They are:



  5. Shirley Thompson said,

    I agree with you about Kingdom not Church, I have just completed a film to that effect. Can I have your address to send you a copy maybe your congregation might be interested in purchasing a copy?

    Thanking you in advance God Bless

  6. B. Black said,

    We love your site. We put your site in our links section.
    We won the Black Web Awards for Business and Finance Information ezine for 2009.
    B. Black

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