Visit Senator Barack Obama’s Campaign Headquarters!

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Visit Senator Barack Obama’s Campaign Headquarters!


  1. Youngblood said,

    I’d like to see Senetor Obama as the first African American President of the United States of America.

  2. fred dorgan said,

    When Senator Obama appears on Meet the Press on 5/4/08, he needs to point out that when Catholic priests abused male children, the congregation was not blamed for the priests’ behavior. When Protestant television preachers got into trouble, the congregation was not blamed for the behavior of the preachers. When a minister in the Dobbins church railed against homosexuals, a turned out to be a homosexual himself, the congregation of this church was not blamed for this minister’s behavior. Senator Obama needs to point this out; that he is not responsible for the Reverand Wright;s comments; nor can the church congregation be. This is guilt by association.

  3. K. B. Kale said,

    This is the letter written by me which was published in Jakarta Post on 4th September. I am an admirer of Obama working in the country where he spent a part of his childhood and I hope he can use some of my comments in the letter.
    K B Kale, Jakarta Indonesia
    Obama and Racism in America
    |Wed, 04/09/2008 11:19 AM| Opinion
    Obama does remind me of JFK as do Caroline and Ted Kennedy and I have always felt confident that he will motivate the Americans to racially unite their country because of his right ideas and right approach. His lecture on “Racism in America” delivered at the most appropriate place, Philadelphia, was so fantastic that it moved me profoundly.
    He recited how the Declaration of Independence, though signed, was ultimately unfinished! It was stained by the continuation of slavery, how this declaration was not enough to deliver slaves from bondage or provide all men and women their full rights as citizens, and how Americans in successive generations had to protest and struggle, including fighting a civil war, to narrow the gap between the promise of the nation’s ideals and the reality.
    A son of a black man and a white woman, raised by his loving white grandparents, married to a black American and with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles and cousins of every race scattered beyond the U.S., Obama is also the most qualified to discuss racism in the U.S. and also its eventual eradication.
    But it still takes real guts and sensitivity to speak out so openly and so well on this issue. Most of the presidential candidates would have accepted the advice from their advisers to circumvent this subject. But not Obama! He took the issue by the horns and in his typical forthright style put forward his views before Americans.
    His denunciation of Rev. Wright’s divisive speech but his refusal to disown him shows his real strength of character. He acts as per his convictions.
    As an immediate effect, he lost a few points in popularity, but he quickly recouped. His trust in the basic fairness of American public was proved correct.
    It is not for nothing that 76 percent of respondents in a CNN/Essence Magazine/Opinion Research Corp. poll said the country is ready to be led by an African-American!
    As a visitor to the U.S. since 1978, I have been mentioning to my American relatives and friends that over these last 30 years I have found that the blacks are more and more comfortable with the whites and vice versa.
    The emergence of Obama as a formidable candidate who eventually might win the White House this November substantiates my observations.

    K B KALE

  4. K. B. Kale said,

    This is the letter written by me which was published in Jakarta Post on 4th September. I am an admirer of Obama working in the country where he spent a part of his childhood and I hope he can use some of my comments in the letter.
    K B Kale
    This is the year of Democrats thanks to Bush and they will have to work really hard to lose the White House.
    Voters of North Carolina voted overwhelmingly for Obama and he almost defeated Hillary in Indiana. Voters did vote on biases: race or gender. 90% black voters voted for Obama while 60% whites voted for Hillary. Women voters also voted for Clinton in a big way. But in democracy, “lobbys” are ever-present! Whites, blacks, Jewish, Hispanic and they often vote on parochial basis.
    Obama will surely be nominated. His party would not dare alienating black voters who are excited about Obama becoming the first black president. Super-delegates recognise him as the front-runner, impressed with his handling of a crisis created by Rev. Wright. But Obama will have to strive hard to be recognised as “everybody’s candidate.”
    But nomination is only half the battle won. He has to win in November. If Hillary accepts to be his running mate, it will be a “dream ticket”. This would also avoid more bad blood in remaining primaries. But are both big enough to reach such compromise?
    Let’s hope Obama wins in November and becomes the first black President of USA and completes his 2 terms. Whether Obama can do it depends on his politics and policies than his race because as per CNN poll, more than 75% Americans are willing to accept a black President.
    Obama has a 100% perfect record of voting for the common man in the senate. And he is not a politician who would make unprincipled compromises under the disguise of “bringing people together.”
    But when I look at the divisive role played by Obama’s former pastor Rev. Wright, I remember the old saying: Your worst enemies come from within.
    K. B. Kale, Jakarta

  5. K. B. Kale said,

    This is my letter published by Jakarta Post on 6th Nov 2008
    K B Kale, Author
    Obama victory
    Thu, 11/06/2008 10:29 AM | Reader’s Forum
    With a resounding victory in the 2008 presidential election, it would
    seem Barack Obama, the first-term senator from Illinois, has taken the
    U.S. into adulthood.
    By electing an African American as president, it is clear that the
    basic issue that led to the American civil war in the sixties of the
    last century and almost split the country into Union and Confederate
    following the abolition of slavery by president Lincoln, is behind
    And what a coincidence that this first African American president
    should come from Illinois, the very state of Abraham Lincoln, who came
    to White House in 1860 to make it possible for a black American to
    contest and win at the White House, by abolishing slavery.
    Throughout this campaign, president-elect Obama confronted issues
    boldly instead of evading them or skirting around them. The best
    example of this was his historic speech in Philadelphia in response to
    the irresponsible utterances of Reverend Wright. His response to the
    economic crisis was quick and practical.
    He seems to be pro-poor and has promised to reduce the difference
    between the ultra-rich and abject poor. Most of the time, he spoke
    with his personal convictions, not bothering whether his comment would
    bring or lose votes for him. And I think in the end, this streak of
    honesty won him the presidency.
    After a long time, a record number of voters voted in the political
    process to elect the president and a bulk of the credit for this goes
    to Obama.
    Obama always reminded me of JFK and I admire him (Obama) as much as I
    admired JFK. And I fervently hope that unlike JFK, Obama remains in
    the White House for 8 years.
    Obama has a special place in the hearts of Indonesians and people like
    me who have been in Indonesia for a long time. I hope the Indonesian
    Government converts the Jakarta house where he lived for a few years
    as a child into a national heritage site. It is an honor for Indonesia
    to be a country that taught Obama a thing or two in his formative
    Little surprise that people of Kenya, where his father came from, are
    celebrating his victory as enthusiastically as the Americans are
    I hope Obama has a special soft corner for Indonesia and builds strong
    relations with the country where he spent his childhood.
    K. B. KALE

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